3500 square meters

of pure nature, reserved just for you

The ideal place to relax in the shade.


The view from the patio is directly on the river Po, which is a short distance, and practically is not interrupted by any building, just nature!

Table and armchairs

Garden furniture

A breakfast outside among the birds singing puts you in peace for the rest of the day!

Only 50 meters

The Po River

The true lungs that makes breathing Polesine.
The ideal way to get oxygen with a walk, a small bike ride or for birdwatchers.

Do you like outdoor barbecues?

Gas barbecue

The days get longer, you start to find the taste of being more outdoors.
Grilled vegetables and meat are easy to prepare.
Is the weather uncertain and threatens a few drops of rain?
No problem, you can continue to cook dry under the patio.